Post 1015: taking a bath…

One thing I miss a lot now that I have catheters hanging out of my chest for dialysis is being able to take a proper bath. Or shower. I get clean as best I can, but I look forward to the day the dialysis fistula I’m going to be getting soon liberates me from the limited bathing I now can do! 

In the meantime, I found this old video of Dougy taking a bath. I think he is hugely funny when he cleans up! Andy makes an entrance later in the video, which upsets Dougy.

Sometimes things work out more to Dougy’s liking:

Of  course, Andy likes bathing privacy, too:

Most of all, the boys like to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed this little video look back at life with two cats.

17 thoughts on “Post 1015: taking a bath…

  1. I love all the videos, Weggiboy! Thanks for sharing! My human interrupts me when I bathe & sleep. What is Andy & Dougy’s fav spot to lounge? Like them, I like to nap a lot, but that is just the nature of us being cats! Mew Mew! Purrs… Paw waves to Andy & Dougy!

    • Dougy claimed an ottoman and wrecked it by scratching it to make sure Andy and I didn’t put out tootsies on it! Andy likes a light stand, but has become more interested in a recliner because it has three spots (the arms and back) that are just right-sized for a cute Persian kitty! Unlike dougy and the ottoman, Andy shareds the recliner with Dougy ifhe wants to use it, too!

  2. They’ve got the hygiene down to a fine art. Imagine if we had to clean ourselves as they do! I liked the “oompah” music.

    That’ll be great to have the shunt shifted. (I wanted to say shunted …)

  3. I enjoyed so much, they are so lovely. For cats, cleaning themselves is like a threaphy and then they sleep… This is amazing. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness you all, Love, nia

  4. haha…MOL It’s a wonder the boys don’t throw up their paws in frustration at all the fur to wash! The first video with Dougy licking his leg and then tasting it sent us in gales of laughter. He’s thinking…..Is this clean…um no, it didn’t pass the taste test….better do more washing. So funny! Thanks for the laugh my friend.


  5. Thank you,Doug, for those funny videos . I like the way the cats use to wash themselves . And your comment into the videos are fun .
    Of course all of those systems at your chest for dialysis do not help for a shower of a bath . I hope you get rid soon of them .
    However I hope between two dialysis your life is almost normal , bath exceprted..
    In friendship

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