Post 1170: birdies in the fir…!

My computer desk window is a favorite place for the kitty boys because there are trees outside that window that are particularly well-populated with seasonal and year-long birds. Yummy birds, no doubt!


Andy arrives at his post by the window, hopeful for a birdie sighting.10516 things heat up.jpg

Things are heating up!10516 andy waits.jpg

Andy gets his kitty on!10516 andy spots bird.jpg

Andy and Dougy are indoor cats, as I’ve mentioned different times, but they are kitty cats to the core. I have no doubt they’d kill wildlife if I let them spend time outside on their own. 

17 thoughts on “Post 1170: birdies in the fir…!

  1. My three cats have access to the outdoors only on my roof deck or front balcony. They can’t get out to the street but they can watch the birds flying overhead. However, 90% of the time they prefer to be indoors anyway, so I see no problem with indoor only cats. When I had outdoor cats decades ago they were always bringing in birds and mice… it was horrific. In all the years I have lived here, they have brought in one baby bird. I was able to catch it and release it the next day. So I know, given the chance, they would be out there on the hunt!

  2. Our cats are all indoor only cats, but I doubt they’d kill a bird or mouse. Although they appear to hunt our rats, birds and rabbits they touch and sniff them gently when they catch them and the smaller animals don’t even try to avoid them unless they wake the birds suddenly. The fish & axolotl don’t mind being touched either. Then again mine don’t even “kill” their toys, they just bop them gently.

    • I suspect they’ve been around different animals all their lives and think of them as little buddies instead of as a snack! You have some good kitties, regardless of the reason they don’t get their kitty on when they have contact with otherwise prey animals!

  3. I applaud your attitude to protecting wildlife. A survey here in England showed that a cat may kill up to 100-200 small birds and animals in a month. That supposedly meant up to 200 million casualties a year, in a country smaller than most American states!

    • There are other concerns met by keeping them inside, too. I live near two major roads, so I would be concerned for their safety if they roamed. There still are people in this world so superstitious they think there is something evil about black cats, and they would harm these cats if they had a chance. There are people who hate cats in general and would harm them. In short, it is for the benefit of wildlife and the kitties that they are inside cats. Though I am a former vice president of Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union, and am aware of the harm cats do to birds, I appreciate your comment and those of other people because it gives me one one opportunity to emphasize the importance of keeping kitties inside if you want them to be good citizens!

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