Post 1171: Dougy stops by for “scritching”…!

Dougy knows where to go for a good time. When he sees me at the computer, he stops by because he knows I will stop everything to “skritch” him. Of course, if I don’t, he plops down on my mouse, and I have no choice but to stop!


10616 dougy basic pat 2.jpg

Dougy’s good time!

“Happy cat, happy home!”


You remember Benji the dog. Well, he now has his own blog, and I invite you to check it out. I have, and it is a delight! Here’s the link.

benji(His puppy photo!)

13 thoughts on “Post 1171: Dougy stops by for “scritching”…!

  1. cute photos. Yes i know this tactic of cats. When they want hugs they come and get them no matter what. 15 years ago i had a cat and i wa studying mathematics for exams at high school with a friend My cat was watching as and asking for hugs. As we where studying and ignoring her she jumped on the table lyied on the books and we did not have another choice than giving her a snatch and a hug. She even pooped on the maths book hahahaha

    • I couldn’t get the link to go hot on my laptop, but managed to get the error corrected using my PC! Thanks for letting me know there was a problem! The hot link to the Benji blog now takes you there.

  2. I can almost know how they make us busy 🙂 My Princess stops me too and a few nights ago when I was sleeping she locked my keys… In the morning there was a surprise for me, but at the end we solved 🙂 Benji is so cute and I love so much, I am their new follower now. Thank you dear WB, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia

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