I passed!

I’m pretty excited about this! Benji just passed the big test to become an animal therapy dog! Best of all, he was the youngest one to pass, even though one part of the test was to walk through a “minefield” of doggy temptation, food on the path. Stop by his blog and give him a “Good doggy”!


Life of Benji

Saturday morning, I took THE animal therapy exam and I passed!  My tail is wagging. HM was a bit nervous but I liked it. There were lots of people waiting in line to pet me. I had to perform  20 different tasks ranging from basic commands to walking through a crowd with obstacles. And again, there was food on the floor that I was supposed to ignore.  Such a waste. At least at the end, I got a big treat. AND I now have my own badge saying that I am a therapy animal. Me Benji, the shelter dog!  They said that I was the youngest in my group who passed the test. BTW, I chose to wear my Ruffwear harness; it seems to be my lucky charm. Since I wore it during the exam, I will wear it on every visit, so it will be my new uniform. 


After the…

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