Post 1195: Sunday gets off to a rocky start… but we forget about it at kitty food time!

Andy and Dougy are typical Persians. They love the attention, demand the attention. But it must be in their time and one their terms. Period. No deviation. NOW! 

So, when I didn’t play by kitty rules, both kitty boys gave me the swish. Tail swish, you know. The impatient tail swish.

On top of it, Andy eluded me three times before I trapped him by opening the door (a reliable trick!). He got his medicine eventually, was a good boy, but was wary even when he stopped by the glider to catch my attention.

All was forgiven, however, when I set out the kitty food.


Dougy’s upset because he wants to play kitty toy games. (But I’m taking photos for today’s blog post! So what follows is partially because of you. LOL!)103016 upset dougy on otto insult on tv.jpg

Really upset!103016 upset useme dougy closeup.jpg

Really, really, really upset! (Actually, that’s a yawn, but it’s horrific, eh? Just right for story telling.)103016 cussing doiugy.jpg

Now he gives me the tail swish treatment. He’s not amused.103016 dougy ignores me.jpg

Of course, kitty naps are important, too. He gets comfortable. 103016 dougys tummy recliner.jpg

Andy stops by. He will try to get my attention from behind.103016 useme andy by glider.jpg

When I reach back, he remembers he’s upset because I tried to catch him to give him medicine. Ick!103016 useme andy steps back to avoid capture.jpg

But he gets up on the recliner – available since Dougy’s pouting on his ottoman – and cleans up.103016 use me andy clans up on recliner.jpg

Cheeky cat! He gives me the look. (You know the one! The “I avoided capture! Ha! Ha! Ha!” look. “And I’m cute, too! Mrow!”)103016 cheeky andy on recliner.jpg

But kitty food time resolves all upset!103016 useme andy and dougy have breakfst.jpg

So, not to worry! The kitty boys eventually got what they wanted. 

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