Post 1269: Dougy’s up to something….

If you’ve been here awhile, you know places Andy and Dougy claim exclusively. That is the theme of this post. Or is it? What is Dougy up to??



Where is Dougy?


Look familiar?


Yes! He’s on Andy’s favorite perch. Bad kitty!

Later, Andy chased Dougy into the guest bedroom.

12 thoughts on “Post 1269: Dougy’s up to something….

  1. They are funny how one takes the favorite spot of the other. Our Abby doesn’t like sleeping in her bookshelf nook if they have another cat’s odor on it. So Lucio likes to sit on her blanket! 🙂

    • Typical! Andy leaps from the recliner to the end table he claims rather than stepping over from the recliner to Dougy’s ottoman, then to the end table. He knows not to lea e his scent on Dougy’s ottoman unless he wants consequences…!

    • No, they run one direction then return the other direction. Then the kitty chasing becomes the one chased. This goes back and forth, alternating the chaser and chased order until they get tired or bored with the game.

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