Post 1280: my “scritchaholic”…

Andy loves to have his “scritches”. Even when he’s still thinking he doesn’t want to get close to me because he remembers getting medicine the last time he did, I can get close enough to him to rub his whiskers and scratch his ears and chin.



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    • Persians often are portrayed as villains in movies, but they have sweet dispositions. Unfortunately, because of irresponsible breeding, they can have breathing issues, drainage and infection issues with those beautiful eyes, and other issues. To help improved the genetics of the breed, they sometimes are bred with Birmans. That was the case with Andy and Dougy;s Persian mother – their father is a Birman. Andy has a heart murmur and high blood pressure (treatable, which I do) and Doug has eye issues from time to time that require antibiotic eye drops. I make sure the have regular veterinarian examination each year and as needed because I am aware they may have certain issues in time. They are such sweet kitties that I want them to have as long a life as possible!

        • The kitty boy were born on July 1, 2011, so are five years seven months old. Andy does quite well with medication. He doesn’t have problems because of his heart murmur, and her is as active as he want to be. (He is pretty much as active as Dougy. I can’t see any difference in the two as far as activity.)

    • Dougy likes chin scratches, but Andy forces his head one on my fingers to get maximum pressure on my fingers.

      Dougy refers I brush him, and likes most of the brushing to be on his left side. I have to be stealthy to get the right side, too. He has a very thick undercoat, and I can’t let the right side go unbrushed as much as Dougy would prefer!

      How about Oliver? Does he like being brushed?

  1. What a face….one can read his mind. He is in heaven. They’re all different. Kali will take scritches anytime. Shoko grabs hubby during the news and is all over him. Me, I’m woken at 3am by a kitty that is so busy purring and hitting my head that I can’t help but satisfy her whim for scritches.


  2. Greetings Dude! I’m the same way about scritches – the human thinks I don’t know what she’s up to when she gives me scritches – but I know that as soon as I get all relaxed, she’s going to wipe my eyes! So I’ve gotten great at rocketing under the bed!!😹

          • Awwww! Thanks for the link to your post showing your beautiful Lily and her wonderful big sister! It brought back wonderful memories of my two big sisters and how our bonds started at an early age.

            Oh yeah, cats…! I got caught up in the sweet story you told at the link above and almost forgot to respond to your comment. Don’t be envious, Serafina. If your human gives up catching you for a day, it might be a problem. In Andy’s case, his blood pressure issues are borderline. His veterinarian feels he could go without medicine if I chose, but I feel his eyesight and kidney are important enough (and both are potential Persian kitty problems) that I continue the medication. I doesn’t get to miss it very often. I personally like the kitty time, too, where I hold him and get to let him know he’s a good boy, rub his ears and nose and head, and give him blinky eyes. He’s become a calmer (good!), more affectionate (good!), and more trusting (good) kitty since we began the medicine a couple or so years ago. Originally, I had to wrap him in a towel, burrito style, to give him the medicine. He still turns his head away to try to avoid the medicine, but then he takes it like a good boy. I tell him that, too, before I put him down and give him the kitty treats as a reward for being a good boy!

            Congratulations on the birth of Lily! She looks like a little sweetie!

        • Could well be. Some Persians don’t have that smooshed a face. Andy and Dougy’s mother had a less smooshed face than most Persians. Dougy has a more smooshed face than his brother.

          • Me either! I have professional clippers (they make virtually no noise and can handle the extremely fine hair of cats) but haven’t attempted to use them more than to trim out matts before I started using professional grooming services. (No matts for the most part since then….!) They always leave the tail in trimmed, so they look like short haired cats with exceptionally bushy tails till their hair grows out again. The hair on their tails is straighter and seems not to matt anyway compared with the rest of their hair. I can’t tell for sure, but brushing the tails, I notice there seems not to be an undercoat, just long, straight hair.

          • M gets brushed all the time, and the main problems are his undercoat – he doesn’t like his tummy brushed, which is odd since he loves to have it petted. Anyway, mats get trimmed out with cuticle scissors, but I’d never have the courage to give him a full-fledged haircut.

          • Dougy allows some of his tummy to be brushed, but he really prefers that I brush his left side. He has no problem when I brush the right side, but he mostly gets his left side brushed.

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