Post 1331: a little contest, with a nice kitty prize…

I sometimes confuse Andy for Dougy and vice versa. The following suggestion by elizabetcetera made me think:

“Hey, I have an idea for a post for you. It would be contest with photos of Dougy and Andy having us guess who is who. The winner could get a mention of their blog or whatever small prize you could dream up. I have no idea how to tell these brothers apart!!!”

Yeah! Great idea and I’m doing it! The prize for the first person to correctly identify all photos of the kitty boys side by side and by themselves is this set of 11 ounce/ .33 liter coffee mugs/beakers:

There is no second, third, fourth or whatever prize since I’m a retiree and the two mugs plus postage to the winner will pretty much eat up my contest budget!

  • WHO IS ELIGIBLE ~ Anyone reading this blog, including all of my international friends. (I post from the USA, if you are unaware.)
  • HOW LONG WILL THE CONTEST LAST ~ Till I get the first entry with all correct answers or 17 March, whichever comes first.
  • WHAT DOES THE CONTEST INVOLVE~ The contest involves identifying Andy and Dougy in photos. There are sixteen images of Andy and fourteen of Dougy. For the sake of simplicity, just identify all the Andy’s in the photos. Obviously, if it isn’t Andy, it’s Dougy!
  • WHAT IS THE CONTEST FORMAT ~ Each image is numbered. In the instance of photos with both kitty boys, there is a number and a description of which kitty it relates to. Please write down the numbers, in numeric order, for all the Andy images only, and email your answers to me.
  • HOW DO I IDENTIFY MY EMAIL CONTEST ENTRY ~ On the subject line of your email entry type MUGS CONTEST so I don’t accidentally delete it, unread. (I get a lot of emails I delete unread, and I’m sure you do, too!)
  • WHERE TO SEND ENTRIES ~ Please give me the name of your blog if you post on the blogosphere. I want to do a short review of each blogger’s blog of those who enter this contest since there is only one prize of mugs for the winner. If you don’t blog, no problem, just give me your name if you’d like to be mentioned as an entrant.
  • HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU ENTER ~ One time, please, and have fun!

I ordered the mugs and they just arrived. I have the same ones for personal use, and they are hefty, fun to use, and representative of the personalities of Andy and Dougy. I think you will enjoy them, too, if you are the winner!

I’ll notify you by email if you win so you can email your mailing address back so I can post your prize to you. (emails are dated and have a time stamp, so I will open them in the order they come in.)

Oh, yeah! And I will mention your blog, winner or not, if you want the mention! Most likely, if you read my blog, I read yours, and I guarantee you probably post clever, interesting, fun, thoughtful, creative, or provocative posts others will find interesting, too. I have interesting bloggers following me!  

Unless there are a huge number of entries, I will try to give each blog address a short review. If there are a huge number of entries, I will still try to do short reviews of each blog, only over more than one post.


So here are the contest kitty photos!

All of these photos have appeared in earlier posts. Some you can guess if/because you are familiar with the kitty boys’ personalities. You should end up with 16 A’s and 14 D’s….

Nr. 1 (Dougy)

Nr. 2 (Andy)

Nr. 3 (Andy)Nr. 4 (Andy)Nr. 5 (Andy)Nr. 6 (Dougy – top); Nr. 7 (Andy – box)Nr. 8 (Dougy)Nr. 9 (Andy)Nr. 10 (Dougy)

Nr. 11 (Andy – front); Nr. 12 (Dougy – ottoman)

Nr. 13 (Dougy)Nr. 14 (Andy)Nr. 15 (Dougy  – foreground); Nr. 16 (Andy – in back)Nr. 17 (Andy)Nr. 18 (Dougy)

Nr. 19 (Andy)

Nr. 20 (Andy – in my arms; Nr. 21 (Dougy – naughty kitty on counter…!)Nr. 22 (Andy)Nr. 23 (Dougy)

Nr. 24 (Dougy…so naughty!)

Nr. 25 (Andy – in back); Nr. 26 (Dougy – foreground)

Nr. 27 (Dougy)

Nr. 28 (Andy)

Nr. 29 (Dougy)

Nr. 30 (Andy)