Post 1340: And the winner of the Andy and Dougy mugs is…

…Ellen P. of 15andmeowing ! Ellen got 14 of 16 Andy’s right!

Enjoy Andy and Dougy’s mugs on your mugs, Ellen!

 I don’t know how to characterize Ellen’s blog other than to say it is cat-terrific! She reviews kitty products; shares her list of follows on a special page so you can easily find other cat-centric blogs (as if we ever can find too many, eh?); and is very involved in promoting charities that benefit our fur buddies.

Congratulations, Ellen! As soon as you tell me where to mail them, I’ll send you the Andy and Dougy mugs, first (and only) prize in my first ever  (and probably only) blog contest!


The correct answers now can be found on the contest page. It goes without saying (so I do!), the contest is officially over.

Post 1339: What a busy day! The kitty boys go to the groomers and more…

I almost forgot the kitty boys had a groomers’ appointment for Tuesday. In fact, I was thinking it was for Thursday, but got a reminder from the groomers’ this morning. I managed to get them there on time, then took care of some other business while they enjoyed their bath and trim.


I visited my friends at the military museum while the kitty boys were at the groomers. That’s where I got the call they were ready to be picked up. I decided to bring them down to the museum for Suzie and Val to see with their new hair styles!

 I didn’t let them out of the carrier, of course, because there are many places they could hide in the museum. The friends at the museum thought they were cute, of course,so compliments received, the kitty boys and I headed home.

Andy and Dougy definitely were happy to be home!

Dougy was naughty, of course, and got on the dining room table, where he continued his job of messing up papers and things. I was working on taxes, so really appreciated him being there checking things out!

Dougy didn’t miss much!

Andy stopped by to meow his desire for some kitty treats. He’d been a good kitty all morning after all! 

Dougy was a good boy, too, so he joined in on the treats. (He’s in the upper photo in the upper part of that photo in this mosaic. I must have forgotten to take a photo when he was eating his treats, too.)