Post 1319: Happy 150th Birthday!

It happens once in a lifetime. Today is Nebraska’s sesquicentennial! Admitted to the Union on March 1, 1867, Nebraska was the 37th state in the United States of America.

Today, Andy and Dougy take a break from kittycattery and mayhem to salute and celebrate the state where they were born on July 1, 2011, Nebraska. Most Nebraskans don’t know there is an official state song, but Andy and Dougy do, and they will meow along with you while we sing “Beautiful Nebraska”:

The vast majority of our readers won’t know that the Western Meadowlark is our state bird, and the prairie is alive during their breeding season with their lusty, lilting song, often sung from a fence post for best projection to any Western Meadowlark hens that might be around to hear. (This one sang in Wyoming, but sounds to my ear like in a dialect closest to what I hear next door in Western Nebraska. Just saying…~!)

Wow! That song got Andy and Dougy wound up! But they are dyed in the wool Nebraskans. They even stand at attention and meow along when they hear the unofficial state song, the University of Nebraska Fight Song:

Geez! They’re bouncing off the ceiling after that rousing tune! “There is no place like Nebraska…meow-meooow!”

There is historic Nebraska, a prairie state populated by people from Germany, Bohemia, Czarist Russia, Italy, England, and people like mine, from Scotland and states east like Missouri, Ohio, and Virginia, among other places. They came to build railroads to the West Coast, then to populate fertile farmland along the line that was free under terms of the Homestead Act, then the Kincaid Act, which helped turn the Nebraska Sandhills into a prime cattle-producing region of the United States.

But Nebraska is much more than that. There are two videos below. One is short, and the second one lasts over 45 minutes, in case you are really, really, really curious about where the kitty boys and I live.

Yes, the kitty boys and I are very proud to call ourselves Nebraskans on this, her 150th Birthday!

Nebraska’s flag: Long may she wave, at least until someone finally designs one that doesn’t get rated 2nd worst of all state flags by vexillogists:


As Andy and Dougy put it, “Meow!”

Uh oh...DOUGY!

“Meow up for Nebraska, Dougy!”