Post 1322: Dang! Can’t a kitty watch videos?

Andy hints broadly that he wants to watch videos. I, of course, immediately stop everything I am doing and set him up for viewing.



Andy wants to be entertained!

I set the laptop up for viewing videos for kitties, and Andy has a little window of viewing pleasure…

Then, Dougy interrupts! Andy moves to another spot where Dougy won’t bother him, and I move the laptop to the end table. (Andy tries to get on the laptop to catch a bird, and knocks it off the end table before I get a photo of him watching the video in the new position…!)

Andy moves to the recliner, so I move the laptop again. Dougy comes back to his ottoman, but Andy feels secure enough to watch the video a bit longer before he hustles off for a light snack of dry kitty food.

Gad! Kitties sure can complicate simple activities, but Dougy didn’t approve of Andy being so close to his ottoman. You know. Boundaries!