Post 1328: cat trap…

Trapping Andy for his medicine involves knowledge of what catches his interest, where he sleeps, what his weaknesses are.

Andy hinted strongly he wanted kitty videos, or, at least, he didn’t react much with wand toys, my first guess. So I set up a fail proof Andy trap: sheets of random paper on the floor and the laptop with a bird video running.


Ah ha! The kitty approaches!

Kitty “horns” up (last photo). We are very interested…and unaware of our surroundings!IMG_20170309_234343 (1)

Rats! It’s the wrong kitty! Dougy makes an appearance.

But  Andy showed up, too. Only he is at a safe distance away from the hand waiting to snatch him up and dose him with medicine!

Clever kitty. I’ll catch you yet!