Post 1346: old toy, new toys…

A slow start on the day today. Again. Then I opened my mail and found new toys for the kitty boys! [Thanks, Ellen! Andy says “Mrow!” I’m sure Dougy will, too!]


I pulled out an old toy last night, and Dougy and Andy took after it like it was new. They do get tired of toys sooner or later, but some toys have new charm after spending time put away.

An old favorite. Dougy and Andy love, love, love it…again!

Then, there are the new toys, thanks to mug contest winner Ellen. She sent the kitty boys some charming toys I’ve barely had time to introduce to the kitties. Well, Andy has played with them and Dougy will get his chance when he gets up from his catnap!

Can’t wait to get Dougy’s impression of these toys from Ellen. Andy approves of them! Perfect for batting around and mouthing!