Post 1342: meet the other Andy and Dougy contest players…

Though you know the winner of the Andy and Dougy contest, there were several others who played.  

Dougy loves kitty food. Duh!

Two, my friends Judy and Deborah, played well, though both had to be encouraged to try. Judy felt she might have an unfair advantage since she’s actually spent lots of time in person with the kitty boys. Deborah just needed encouragement to try for better or worse. You know her through her story about taking her three kitties to Paris.

Andy suspects I want to pick him up and give him loving! “No way!” he says.

The fourth best guesser, Libby, writes The Sidewalk:

She says it best: The Sidewalk is an online newspaper I started last summer. I cover issues and topics which are important to me and I strive to do so in 500 or less words. A little bit about me for now…I have an eclectic set of interests and concerns that I intend to cover. I love history, music, cities, nature, animals, old buildings and trains. I am passionate about the environment, but I also care deeply about social, economic and health issues as well as green innovations. I guess that puts me in the sustainability realm. I still have so much research and self-education ahead of me. I just keep writing mini-articles on subjects I care about. Things are changing rapidly in the geo-political world and, although this is not a political blog, I have been reporting on policies, particularly environmental and social policies, which will most likely need to be revisited and covered again. I am up for the challenge and hope in some way to help make a positive impact in the way that we all can, as individuals, if we are passionate.

Take a look!


Dougy takes a gander…is Andy coming? (Or is it Andy spotting Dougy? Hee! Hee!)

What happens when the inmates take over the asylum? Sort of what you find in:

Only the “inmates” are cats. Written in “Cattinese”, you find out what the kitties are up to when you back is turned, and when it’s not! Lots of fun, yet produced by a kind heart who posts memorials to late pets. If you are an animal person, you’ll get it. If you follow my blog, I suspect you are a potential reader of this blog, too!

Andy begins his post lunch stroll.

Amy guessed well for a person new to the Andy and Dougy world. Her blog, , is more for the dogs. I like it for the change from kitty boys. I mean, cats, cats! cats! Some days I need to take a look at dog blogs so I don’t forget I like dogs, too, especially those in Amy’s blog! And, oh yes…Amy is a dog groomer! I bet she recognizes the teddy bear cut my kitty boys get every other month because it – secret between you and me –  actually is a doggy haircut style! Yes! I kid you not!

Andy gives me the eye….doggy haircut style???

Do the names Shoko and Kali strike a bell? If so, you are a reader of !  If not, follow that link to find out how two kitties came from the streets to become beautiful, well-loved residents of Jeanne’s home. Subtitled “Meezers at Large”, this blog shows how unwanted cats can find a “happily ever after” life with a person who finds them at the local shelter or through fostering. This is one of my favorites, and Jeanne is one of my favorite people for her caring way with kitties.

Dougy’s enjoying the warm weather…and the open front door!

I can’t say enough about Lavinia’s blog, . Though it comes out only once a month, it is a lot like “Prairie Home Companion” – a bit of music (Lavinia and her husband Rick are musicians and recording artists); updates on the venerable family Subaru that has a zillion miles on it; news from the cats of Salmon Brook Farms; news on how the garden and vineyard are doing; and much more. It is one of the more satisfying reads you’ll find on the Internet, and you’ll wish it were longer and more frequently updated!


Thank those who entered the contest! It was fun for me, and I hope you enjoyed trying your hand at identifying the kitty brothers. It’s not impossible, just sort of! MOL!