Post 1344: my kitty boy supervisors…

Andy and Dougy make sure they know where I am all the time. I am under surveillance as long as I am in the house, and there is a kitty boy greeting committee waiting for me when I return home from outside trips. The kitty boys never know when there are treats or play or other kitty pleasures in it for them, but they definitely want to be available just in case!


Andy watches me from the glider. Since he hasn’t had his medicine yet, he’s just outside of touching distance. Smart kitty!

Of course, the recliner is the perch of choice lately (for everyone, kitty or human), so Andy hops up where he thinks he is safe.IMG_20170325_112847 (1)

Dougy came over, discovered Andy was already on the recliner with me, so hopped over to the computer chair. Andy held his spot!

What Andy didn’t plan on was me reaching up and grabbing him. He still was a very good kitty when I gave him his medicine, but I doubt he’ll perch on the recliner again until he’s had his medicine. Not if I’m in it!