Post 1333: That darn Dougy…!

I pamper the kitty boys, really spoil them, and what do they do? Dougy, anyway? Never Andy, though, because I named him after the patron saint of Scotland and apostle, St. Andrew and he is a really good kitty boy…? Take a look! You will be scandalized, too!


Dougy looks, um, restless to Andy. Is that a hint of “kitty horns” he sees…?


Andy is suspicious. He knows his brother well. If he weren’t such a good kitty boy, he’d bet his brother is about to be naughty, very naughty…! 


Dougy gets up. He’s about to get his “bad kitty” on, and it will be…


…naughty, very naughty!!!


Andy is incredulous! Dougy just scratched on the recliner! No “good kitty” treats for him today.