Post 1349: Trespassing forbidden!

Andy and Dougy regularly spar over places they claim.


Dougy’s enjoying a quiet moment on his ottoman.


What?! What!? What!? Dougy’s kitty sense is tingling…


Dougy steps down to “discuss” the rules around his ottoman. (Technically, Andy hasn’t trespassed, just stepped “too close” to it, as defined by Dougy. That distance changes on Dougy’s whims….)

Dougy feels he’s made his point, so goes off for some kitty food. When he comes back, Andy is positioned to take a run through “Ottomanlandia”, which he does and succeeds!IMG_20170330_042117

Shortly after, Dougy follows him into the guest bedroom, where they both share a snooze on the guest bed. The kitty boys are brothers after all!