Post 1334: applesauce-blueberry pancakes and kitty mugs…

There are my personal Andy and Dougy mugs. I used them for coffee and mineral water this morning. Those were yummy applesauce -blueberry pancakes. Mmmm!

Just a reminder that the contest to identify Andy out of the 30 photos of Andy and Dougy is still on. It will end on March 21st, next Tuesday.

Further, a reminder that getting the most Andy’s right wins the Andy and Dougy mugs, but all bloggers who enter will get a review of their blogs on this blog. My hope is you possibly will gain a few readers through my reviews for your efforts, if not the mugs!

So far, I’ve received entries from eight people. Those who do blogs are excellent, fun bloggers, so I look forward to pumping up interest for their blogs, regardless of who wins!


Dougy wasn’t interested in being a pet this morning, so played at being a meatloaf.

Andy, however, was cautiously interested in my empty dishes, but decided pancake syrup isn’t kitty food.