Post 1336: …a surprise for Andy!

I have no idea where Dougy was hiding. Andy didn’t either and was yowling for Dougy to come play, the only time he meows with any volume at all. He’s a “soft-meowed” kitty!


I felt sorry for Andy. Dougy ignored his call to play and Andy ran around the apartment trying to find something to do. Or someone to do it with!

So, I prepared a surprise for Andy, poor kitty! He ran into the front room, clearly headed to check out the guest bedroom for Dougy. Halfway in, he came to an abrupt stop!


Slowly, he approached the surprise…

Yes! I stopped responding to comments to you, the readers, to turn the laptop over to Andy to watch videos for kitties.

Dougy who?? Andy enjoyed a few minutes of videos, then ran off to take a catnap on some dirty clothes piled by the washing machine. It’s a kitty cat thing!