Post 1465: quiet time after the storm…

Wow! That was some gully washer, as we say here in the sticks of Western Nebraska, late yesterday afternoon! It did cool things down, and the kitty boys and I slept well last night.

Andy slept on my bureau, Dougy on the cat tree outside my bedroom.

Some things never change! Dougy kept up his usual routine on hopping on me, kneading my side, and swishing his tail over my face when he sensed it was “kitty food time”. 

As usual, his kitty time sense was dead on: Time to feed the kitty boys!

I made blueberry-cream cheese and smeared it on my french toast for my breakfast – yum! – and the kitty boys had their usual chicken pâté kitty food. Then we all settled back to clean our whiskers. LOL!

Cleaned up, Dougy settled in for a post breakfast snooze in his flamingo-colored tub. Andy, on the other hand (see at top) decided it was a good time for a little nocturnal window surveillance.

Oh that Andy! I guess the window was a bit “dead” at 2:14 AM (now), so he came over for a little early morning “skritching”! What a sweet little kitty cat!

Purr!! Purr!! Rub that spot between the eyes, and Andy (and Dougy for that matter) will love, love, love you for life!

As you can imagine, after rubbing “that spot”, Andy was in the mood for a little “blinky eyes” with me.

What a sweet way to start the day!


18 thoughts on “Post 1465: quiet time after the storm…

    • Dougy will for a short time, but mostly they like to sleep in their regular spots. Those regular spots vary all the time. Right now, Andy likes to sleep on my dresser, but he had been sleeping under a chair in the bathroom. Of course, the beds I bought for them generally don’t get used! Dougy sleeps on the guest bedroom bed or in a cat tower. Of course, plain old floor sleeping works as well, as does sleeping on the recliner or the computer desk shelf. As you can tell, sleep is a complex matter in this household!

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  1. Giving happinesss makes us happy, is not it true , Doug ?
    You told me you played trombone in the past . i wonder if Andy and Dougy would like to hear your music with any instrument . Is a cat appreciating music ? That is the question!
    In friendship

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    • That’s the time they decided they want to be fed! I tend to be a very early riser, so the kitty boys picked up on that when they were kittens and made sure they turned it into the time they got fed as well. It’s my fault, then!

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