Post 1609: Dougy’s in his happy place!



Andy’s horns are up. What’s his knothead brother up to now?!


The flamingo tub is back in favor with Dougy. It’s his current happy place! Is that it?


Andy is incredulous. What is Dougy’s fascination with the flamingo tub? Aren’t there enough great boxes around? 


Andy just doesn’t get it. (Dougy won’t tell, but I think it has something to do with Caturday. Happy Caturday!)

30 thoughts on “Post 1609: Dougy’s in his happy place!

    • Yes, Dougy assures me it is really snuggly. The fact it’s made of plastic means it’s warm, too! This time of year, the flamingo tub is a real hit! Of course, you can see that by his expression in the photos!

  1. They are so lovely dear WB, Blessing them all. Our little Panther is very naughty one, I don’t know what to do! But this is clear we spoil him, very much 🙂 and his best places in the home, kitchen, boards, and up places.. I can’t stop him to sit on table…. 🙂 Even in pan, plates, whatever in the kitchen…. Thank you, have a nice week and Monday, Love, nia

    • I totally appreciate your problem, Nia! I spoiled my kitty boys so much when they were kittens that I live every day with my mistakes! I actually bought a book (“Kittens for Dummies”) that told how to raise kittens to be good kitty citizens in the home, and I stiull failed raising them!

  2. I just notice this the only day how lily has her favorite depending on how she is… Funny that it took me that long to notice but that’s what happens when you only have one gear Slow
    Happy Cat Saturday

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