Post 1610: territorial posturings…

IMG_20180105_180848 (1)

Andy rested peacefully in his current happy place, the computer desk shelf. He can bird watch from there or sleep.


Well rested, Andy paused long enough on the recliner footrest to be seen by Dougy. (That’s Dougy’s ottoman poking out on the right side, in front of that box I hope I can trash out one day.)


Grrr! Dougy needs to straighten Andy up. Not acceptable! Not acceptable! No one gets close to his ottoman!


Yep, he scratches his ottoman to make his point. (Andy isn’t around to see it.)

26 thoughts on “Post 1610: territorial posturings…

    • That’s exactly what the little poop does. Andy and Dougy were the first cats I got as kittens. Though I did eventually buy a book (KITTENS FOR DUMMIES – yes, it’s a real book!), the kitty boys already had their behavior patterns hard-wired. I am a very inadequate mini-lion tamer! Oh well, as Jackson Galaxie would tell me, I’m the problem not Andy and Dougy.

  1. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. We anipals all have our favorite spots as well here at the Hotel Thompson. And there *our* spots. Us anipals know it. HA! Happy Monday my friends. XOXO – Bacon

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