Post 1614: “Me, my, mine…!”


Dougy sees Andy on the recliner footrest. He comes running from the guest bedroom to let Andy know this is unacceptable!!! (See how demolished his ottoman is from asserting his territorial right to this piece of furniture?)


Andy is watching a kitty video. That is his sin! Well, being too close to the ottoman is but it’s a perfect place to watch kitty videos from. Ask Andy!

Dougy shoos Andy to the recliner back. Andy resumes watching the video from this perch.

Dougy continues to watch Andy and make sure Andy knows the ottoman is his!

14 thoughts on “Post 1614: “Me, my, mine…!”

    • Almost never. He does hop on it from the recliner to get to the end table, though, and Dougy does know it! LOL!

      [Sniff! Sniff!] “I smell kitty boy and it isn’t me!” RAWR!

    • That’s a fact! I forgot how pretty they get when their hair grows out. More and more, I’m giving thought to letting them “go natural” instead of getting them groomed every other month. It’s a bit more daily brushing, but may be the way to go if I can control the mats.

        • It actually is not too much work if done on a regular basis. I had a call from their groomer yesterday, by coincidence, and had to explain again that I can’t come in on dialysis days. (The scheduler I explained that to initially retired but didn’t pass on the word…) Anyway, the bitty boys now have a March 16th appointment, I think it is. In two months they should be pretty hairy!

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