Post 1616: Andy’s new passion…

Andy discovered a new video that he love, love, loves!

Nothing to it. Just a string that meanders in and out of the screen. Andy went wild!


He moved from his end table happy place to the floor  to the recliner footrest to try to get a better look at the action. (Of course, the photo showing him batting at the screen didn’t turn out because the smart phone “decided” it was time to shut down to preserve battery power. Take my word for it: Andy was sitting on the keyboard, trying to catch the string!)

Here’s the video. It definitely is cat-centric. It is about as boring a video as I’ve ever seen!


Yes, Dougy thought it was fascinating, too!



35 thoughts on “Post 1616: Andy’s new passion…

    • Andy gets upset with me if I don’t stop what I’m doing after “feed the kitties” time and put on the videos. Geez! Dougy is more tolerant because he prefers wand toy play first thing.

      • LOL! Cats are amazing and I have learned from them that animals have the same feelings as humans And are just as complicated. My cat likes to boss me around and cusses me out if I don’t behave exactly as he instructs me.👍👍

        • Yes, that;s been my experience, too, Buffalo Bob! Andy this morning woke up by brushing his tail on my ear. Once he had my attention, he meowed. I ignored him. He brushed my ear again, meowed again. I ignored him again because I was sleepy. Then he patted my head. I ignored him. He patted my head again with nails out! OK, Andy! I’m ready to serve you kitty food!

          • I stopped changing the clocks that have to be changed manually, and let the automatic ones do the job of getting me to places I have to go. The kitty boys were born on July 1, 2011, so are perpetually on DST! That is to say, their perception that they have to have their chicken pate kitty food and 1:30 AM means this time of year they try to get me up at 12:30. Little rascals do a pretty good job of doing it, too!

          • Bubba is old he was born March, 2000. He was a feral Kitty and is totally influenced by sunrise and sunset. He quickly became non nocturnal and likes to have 9-10 hours of solid “lights out/TV-off” time before dawn/breakfast. This makes him a perfect candidate for daylight savings time. LOL! Bubba is also a chicken Pate fan.👍👍

      • My little one still tries to catch anything small that quickly streaks across the screen (cars, motorcycles, etc.) Barmalei has always been interested only in music – operas, musicals, concerts, etc. , and Beba ignores TV altogether. None of them are even remotely interested in so-called “cat videos.” Go figure…

        • They definitely have preferences, don’t they?! Andy is interested in anything on the screen. Fort example, the post awhile back about the Swedish movie I had to watch with Andy blocking the subtitles so he could get closer to the action….

          • I may have to include an occasional addendum of Andy’s reviews of videos! I see some of you tried a video I recently linked on personal kitty girls and boys, and let me know how they liked it. That was fun! Yeah, I’ll try it when I try a new video on Andy!

          • Just as I’m thinking of cutting back, though. More about that tomorrow.) I have done reviews in the form of photo essays for products they like, but not for pay. All have been ones I bought, as well.

          • Not so much a problem with health as a problem with wearing myself down. I am immuno-suppressed, of course, and getting decent sleep is important. I haven’t decided if I will do it or not.

            As for Katzenworld, I have supplied photos of my kitty boys and my sister’s tuxedo kitty, Molly, to Marc-Andre, and he’s reposted some of my stuff in past. Dougy appeared in the Tummy Rub Tuesday, in fact, and the week before, Molly was at the head of the post. Another one that comes to mind was the one my friend Deborah wrote as an e-mail, and I got her permission to post as a blog that had to do with her taking her three Bombay kitties to Paris. (in the search box, type “Paris”. The title is the one about the heroine taking her cats to Paris/)

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