Post 1615: it’s the quiet ones you have to watch…

andy at 8 weeks

I tend to think of Andy the way I did when he was a sweet little kitten boy!

To some extent, that’s how the little sweetie is today. Yet…

…sometimes Andy’s the one chasing Dougy away when Dougy gets too close to his territory.





40 thoughts on “Post 1615: it’s the quiet ones you have to watch…

  1. Snoops and Kommando came to live with us at approximately the same time. Snoops had just given birth and was in a shelter and Kommando fell into our window well (2x) trying to get into the house. She was about 4 weeks old. Snoops adopted Kommando and had a very sweet personality. Eventually Kommando started taking advantage of Snoops. It lasted until Snoops finally had enough and pushed back. They are more or less equals today

  2. Mom is all mushy after seeing the photo of Andy as a kitten. He is still “cute as can be”, though she says. I sure think so, too. And Persian kitties are always sweet. Tee hee hee.

    • Yes, they are! Of course, Andy had a lot of diarrhea at that point in his life, and the “look” is what happens when you bathe a Persian kitty when he is still learning how to groom himself. Once I had him home again, he started to look cuter than heck!

    • LOL! When I first met him at five weeks old, I initially couldn’t figure out what kind of animal he was, he has such a wild look! Then he walked over to me and won my heart!

    • In the photo at the top of my blog, Andy is on the left. That is a better photo of them as kittens because they were a bit older and their hair is in better condition. He was a cutey, though, wasn’t he!?

        • His groomer says he cooperates until be gets bored, then he just plops down. She knows it’s best to stop at that point if possible, and just even things up a little so he comes home looking better than when I left him there. Dougy is more cooperative for longer. At the veterinarian’s, Andy becomes very upset if things aren’t taken care of in a snappy manner. That means having his blood pressure taken better be the first thing they do if that’s on the agenda! (They take six or seven readings on a shave spot on the underside of the tail, near the base, or on a shaved spot on what corresponds with our bottom of the foot, toss out the highest number, and average the rest – they repeated pressure is upsetting to Andy.

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