Post 1620: Peacock feather play!

Dougy’s hunting style is to ambush from a hiding space. His prey comes to him!


Andy usually takes care of more important things while Dougy plays….


Dougy doesn’t mind. This way the feather is “me, my, mine”! 

“Silly kitty…” Andy thinks!

Dougy love, love, loves the feeling of a peacock feather snagging on his claws. I wonder what he’d do if he saw the bird this feather was attached to!


8 thoughts on “Post 1620: Peacock feather play!

    • That always amazes me- the kitty boys look like they have petite feet, but when they stretch them out to catch something, they turn into catcher mitts! LOL!

    • I am half tempted to put the kitty boys in a carrier and drive them out to the country home of my friends with free range peafowl! (No, I couldn’t do that!)

  1. LOL! Many of our neighbors have peacocks and peahens and at least once a week a screaming child runs down the street with a peacock or peahen in Hot Pursuit making sure that that kid gets to school on time! They also Chase neighborhood dogs and cats which usually end up in a standoff.

  2. I’ve heard that those feathers are attached to some real big birdies that like to parade around and they think they’re beautiful. I bet Dougy could take on a big birdie!

    • How true! And they are used on big estates to make a racket if anyone tries to sneak around. Of course, they surely make a racket if you pull those feathers off their butts! Hee! Hee!

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