Post 1793: Where’s Andy…? / Part II


“Come on, Andy! The sooner you come out of hiding and submit, the sooner we get our kitty treats!” Dougy’s impatient with Andy’s twice-daily hide-from-medicine-time routine. You would be, too, if you were anxious to get your kitty treats!

Andy gets it: Dougy wants his kitty treats but doesn’t care that Andy has to take icky medicine before Mr. Doug (the human) puts them out. Not fair! NOT FAIR!  

Dougy supervises while Andy takes it like a big kitty. >Erk!< 

“Yay! Time for kitty treats!”

23 thoughts on “Post 1793: Where’s Andy…? / Part II

    • LOL! Actually, it’s a cat enthralled in the process of the hunt! He spotted a bug – I think it was a fly – and had his radar on.

  1. Aww… you are all bundled in that towel like a lil’ package, Andy. Does that mean you’re gonna be delivered to my house?! I would love to have you over to play and of course you’d have to bring Dougy, too. I can empathize about getting meds. Mom puts icky stuffs in my ears. I hate my ears being handled! Hugs.

    • I think it would be fun to get our three kitties together for a play date! Of course, they look so much apart, it would be good we know our own kitties when it was time to go home or we might mix things up!

  2. Hey Andy, I feel ya’! I have to have medicine in my wet food every day (and pumpkin powder). No treats are dispensed to the Tribe until I’ve downed my meds, blech.
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

    • Tucker, the same rule holds here, too: No meds, no treats! Fortunately for the kitty boys, Andy has an excellent record for taking his medicines now that I’ve refined my catching and swaddling strategies. The part where I give him his medicine is a snap once I achieve the first two steps! Of course, there is a step after catching where I hold him, pet him, and talk softly to him till he is comfortable, and that has been the single best step because shy, little Andy now likes to be held and pet, something I couldn’t do till recently. He’d let me pet him before as long as he could run away if he thought I was too close! Dougy is more amenable to “loving”, but still prefers not to be held.

    • He hasn’t picked up on how obvious he is there, either. Interestingly enough, though he can run away before I can reach in an grab him,. If I stick my cane in and lay it on top of him, he feels “trapped”, and I can reach in and pick him up with no drama. Louie the ginger cat responded to the cane, too. No force is used, just the physical touch of the cane seems to do the trick.

  3. The cats seem to use more energy trying to hide from medicine, when they could just get it over simply in seconds. Then after they get the medicine, they run off like crazy as if they are getting a second dose, and hide form you or me.

    • Exactly! I’m getting more clever with Andy, and that helps reduce his anxiety about medicine a bit. Since he gets two doses a day, having that element of calm and lack of drama is as good for me as for Andy.

  4. Oh pal. We feel your pain here at the Hotel Thompson. I personally think if one hides, then the other anipal should get more treats. Yeah, I think that would be perfect. Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

    • Well, he tucked his tummy in to looks a pitiful as possible, but Dougy is five pounds of floof and 10 pounds of cat now. (Two weeks from now, he and andy get a haircut….) He survived – barely! – till Andy got his dose.

  5. oh I know that… once the whole class had to wait till the mama finished her plate with the spinach before they got the pudding… that made her not really popular… more poop-ular ;O)

    • Well, I like spinach, so I may be biased a bit toward Mom, but I’m glad you eventually got your pudding! It must have been torture waiting!

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