Post 1794: Andy’s reward…

Yes, when Andy’s a good kitty (or not) he gets kitty treats after he takes his medicine. Of course most days, Andy is a good kitty boy!

Dougy usually joins him, but he’s been off his schedule this morning. I  put out the usual wet kitty food plate intended for both kitty boys, but Andy finished the whole plate full before Dougy showed up! I made his a special plate full of wet kitty food later, but he missed out on the kitty treats. O

Oh well. Dougy missed out on the kitty treats, but he got the wet kitty food. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

11 thoughts on “Post 1794: Andy’s reward…

    • We have a strange eating schedule around here, too. “Breakfast” comes around 12 midnight to 1:30, depending on when the kitty boys succeed in getting me moving. Lunch-supper (“lupper”?!) happens approximately 12 hours later. There may be light snacking between meals for both cats and man, but we don’t feel up to three full meals a day as a rule.

    • And it featured a lovely ginger tabby, named (in the movie) “Cat”! Of yes, and Audrey Hepburn was OKi n it, too!

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