Post 1811: taking care of business…

Well, we all “do it”! Dougy, too.


Andy looks the other way. Ugh! Dougy! Really!  


Out of one box into another. Dougy’s showing a pattern here.

32 thoughts on “Post 1811: taking care of business…

  1. How are you doing Doug
    God it feels so good to be home but I got all my questions answered but 4 days in hospital was should a culture shock when I woke up this morning and I was home…..

    • I’m doing mostly fine, though I just survived some sort of diarrhea-inducing stomach and intestinal distress business. I’m well now, though. Yes, it is disorienting to spend time in hospital or a care center for rehabilitation. I slept better once I got home, I enjoyed the lack of routine, the lack of institutional food, the lack of privacy in some instances.

  2. Ever once in awhile Mom photos me doing my “business,” too. I don’t get what that’s about! Mom asks what brand of litter Andy and Dougy use, ’cause she thinks she recognizes the box as Arm & Hammer? If so, that’s what I use, too. Purr purr purr.

      • Yes, it is the kind meant for multiple kitties, and boy does it have to work hard around here! That’s their favorite one, though there are two others elsewhere. This one gets loaded to the max in no time!

    • It moves, it’s prey! It doesn’t move and it’s new, it gets a sniff at least, and a pawing till they are sure it’s not prey. I spend my day letting them sniff me if they see me touch food or something they might want to know more about.

      • Must be nice Doug, I’d love to have a kitty! But I may be leaving Vegas, not sure yet and don’t want to put a cat through the stress of a move. 😻😻😸😺

        • They are wonderful companions, different than dogs, the more adoring and lovable pet, but son’t tell Andy or Dougy! On the other hand, there are so many expenses and complications they add to one’s life. It isn’t a decision to make lightly.

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