Post 2026: breakfast time is late today…

When it comes to breakfast time, Andy sees things in black and white. “None of this lazy bones stuff, Doug! Get up! Get up! GET UP!” Doug (the human) fell asleep in the recliner again, and Andy intends to make sure he doesn’t sleep through breakfast time…AGAIN!!

“He moves…” Andy notes to himself, “Maybe we get to eat…SOON!” A little color comes back into his world when he sees Doug (the human) move.

“He walked past me,” Andy thinks, “I bet he’s headed for the kitchen!” Andy’s feeling hopeful now. “Yummy breakfast time is nigh..isn’t it?”

Dougy puts a splash of despair on the moment. “Didn’t you see him go into the bathroom? You know what that means….” Rats! Yeah, breakfast will be a few minutes late today! AGAIN!

21 thoughts on “Post 2026: breakfast time is late today…

    • Keeps me on track, time wise, though, so I will survive! LOL! Ofg course, as a retiree, I can take a nap any time I feel a need. Since the kitty boys take naps all the time, there are times they are too tired to bother my rest, too.

    • Only when we get the same control over kitty boys! Who wants someone pooping and stinking upo the room when you’re eating. There are limited places to put litter bioxes here, and the kitty boys have a preference for the one that I’d try moving again except they continue to use the carpet if the litter box isn’t there. Dang!

  1. Chewie never lets me sleep past 8, even if there’s extra food out. Guess thats not too bad for a cat, my others would wake me up earlier. Dougy and Andy are looking extra fluffy today!

    • Louie the ginger cat let me sleep till 5 AM. I thought that was awful till I got the kitty boys. They currently expect breakfast around midnight!

    • I often fall asleep in the recliner, not the happiest bed, and it gives the kitty boys full access to me when they want to torment me to get up and fix their breakfast!

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