Post 2113: Dougy enjoys brushing…

Dougy “asks” to be brushed he enjoys it so much.

So I accommodate him!

When he feels he’s had enough on one side…

…he rolls over to be in position for the next side he wants brushed!

19 thoughts on “Post 2113: Dougy enjoys brushing…

    • Well, you were originally companions to only the best class of people (Queen Victoria, for example), so you got used to only the best of all worlds!

    • it’s one I bouight at their groomers. I don’t know what to tell you. There is no identifying information on the item and the groomers told me they haven’t been able to get any morte of them in. It is a nice brush, though, and you probabloy can find something similar on Amazon or other sites.

    • LOL! I know people do use dog and cat hair they’ve brushed off pets for this purpose. I imagine Persian sweaters would be exceptionally dense and warm. Another use I know of: put it out where nesting birds can find it to line their nests!

        • Therte are lotys of hobbiersts who enjoy making yarn for weaving or knitting, and they will try different materials to create these things. Dogs and cats apparently serve a useful purpose this way from what I’ve read. I don’t know anyone who does this, though there are hobby weavers around here. Hmm! I personally like the idea of sharing it with the birds best. I’ve done that before.

          • As a teenagers, I once painstakingly took a mohair scarf apart, thread by thread, made a ball of yarn, and knitted myself a hat. I always thought of it as one of my crazy ideas. it has never occurred to me that there are people with more far-fetching ideas.

          • How true! That “boys will be boys” business gets many in pretty big adult-level troublke from time to to=ime, but more often helps grow them into reasonably responsible and respectable adults! (I presume girls have their own version of this business, though they always seemed to be more responsible than boys.)

          • Oops! trying to keep a thought in mind over days isn’t always workable! I tried to think about what the topic was about, came back to this page, and see my comment is not particularly relevant to the topic. Anyway, perhaps it makes my point: A teenage boy might take apart a car see what made it work, then not be able to reassemble it so it worked again, but you took apart a scarf and made something useful that you wanted more!

          • I’ve been pretty “boyish” all my life, so I know very little about the girls’ business, especially in a country, where reality had been distorted to a point incomprehensible by normal people. I would take a guess that girls, even boyish ones, grow responsible, once they have children, or even when thinking about having them. I’ve met men just as responsible when they had to take care of children or younger siblings. It’s also a matter of family and social conditioning.

    • LOL! Not a concern with your pups since they are short haired, but the kitty boys’ groomer reallhy appreciates Dougy helping her out by changing positions without her having to direct him to do so! Andy probably is cooperative, but he is known to get bored and growly. His groomer knows his moods and finishes him up as best she can before he becomes really upset.

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