Post 2114: the snake…


Dougy wasn’t in the mood…


…but Andy saw the snake and came running!


He sized it up…


…and found it suitable kitty fun!




21 thoughts on “Post 2114: the snake…

        • It helps. Of course, without The Adorables to inspire me, this would be a very uninteresting, pointless blog! I tried doing a blog along a daily diary format before I got cats, and it was dull, dull, dull! Not to mention, it was not daily, as planned.

          • I had started posting daily, then I got busier and busier, and I don’t let it bother me. My blog serves no other purpose, but my pleasure, and, as one of the rules of the old Russian card game states, first you work for others, then for yourself, so I interact with others and read their blogs first, and post whenever I can spare time.

    • I think the kitty boys would enjoy seeing them! Dougy probably would be especially interested, yet Andy probably pounce first since “in the open hunting” is his style.

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