Post 2138: Yeah, this one’s Andy. I’m 50% sure.

After yesterday’s embarrassment where I confused photos of Andy as being those of Dougy, I paid attention today. Yellow eyes: check! Perched where Andy usually perches: check! Floofy hind legs (Dougy’s are a bit skimpy till they grow out again – lots of mats cut off): check! Narrower face than Dougy’s: check! Eyes closer together than Dougy’s: check!

Yes! I’m 50% sure I got it right this time. LOL!

20 thoughts on “Post 2138: Yeah, this one’s Andy. I’m 50% sure.

    • They are brothers, two of five in the litter. One was stillborn, which isn’t that unusual in Persian families. I guess they still are quints! LOL! The other two (one of each sex) went to a family in the next state. OI never met them, though I did meet their mother, a half sister, and an auntie, the later two on their father’s side.

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