Post 1803: take a look now…


Andy and Dougy are scheduled to be groomed this coming Wednesday. For the time being, the kitty boys (Dougy, above) look like they weigh 25 lbs.//11,4kg, they have so much hair.

Stay tuned for the new kitty boys after Wednesday morning! I’ll try to get photos of the post haircut kitty boys when I bring them home.

You need to be aware they will look dramatically different!

Countdown to Wednesday begins…NOW!

13 thoughts on “Post 1803: take a look now…

  1. Will they be getting lion cuts, Mr. Doug. My furr-iend Chunk gets one of this every year and so did his brofur. Mom doesn’t take me to a groomer, but I went to one right before she adopted me.

    • They get a teddy bear cut, but this time, because it’s been so long since they had their last trim, I think they probably will get a more extreme cut to deal with the mats. There were some scheduling problems or they would have had appointments every other month, an arrangement that allowed them to get less extreme cuts. we’ll see! Tomorrow’s the day!

    • I can’t wait till they ARE post grooming! LOL! I’m holding off on vacuuming all the hair on the carpets till they are groomed, and the amount is staggering. (I hope no one comes for a visit in the meantime.)

    • Thanks, Jean! They are adorable in all fur phases. Dougy is especially spectacular right now. If he let me brush his tummy and butt, he would have those mats. Since he resists, >snip< , and he will look and feel, well, better/different!

    • It’s pretty dramatic. Some people will be upset, but they will be free of matting and the burden of maintaining those heavy coats. (Andy resists any brushing and Dougy won’t let me brush his tummy or butt, so hav=s some really huge mats on both.)

    • I think they tend to be more active with the haircuts. The longer fur requires a lot more maintenance, so energy is put into that activity more than play.

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