Post 1011: Jeez! Not something else wrong!

Now I’m having problems transferring photos from my camera memory card to the computer. I swear…! (And I have!) Nothing worked right once I got back, and the string of irritations continues. It’s a good thing I’m basically a happy person or I’d be crushed by circumstances by now. I will try to find an alternative way to do this task.

In the meantime, I guess it’s retro Andy and Dougy photos. A large part of the people following this blog haven’t seen most of the early photos, so I’ll put up a few of those till I work out this problem. (It seems to be the port on the computer since I can view the photos using the camera.)dougy outside

Dougy would like to be an outside cat. So many scents! So much to see and do! Unfortunately for him (and Andy), I don’t believe in letting pets roam.

In my neighborhood, there is relatively little traffic and it is moving between 10 and 15 mph. You only have to go a couple lanes over to the West to get to a major street with lots of fast traffic, however, and a bit farther East brings you to another fast traffic street. South a couple blocks, and you have a highway. Not good for cats or dogs.  andy on washer 120615 a

Andy used to like to sleep on the washer. Since I moved to the big bedroom, he prefers to sleep close by on an end table closest to where I am. That way he can feel safe and get an occasional scritching if I wake up in the night and see him there. He especially likes it when I scratch his neck and chin. Those cute little ears need scritching, too, and that really gets him purring!

Dougy comes around at night, too. He just stays long enough to get some loving and to knead my arm through the bedding. He’s purring the whole time from when he jumps on the bed till when he hops off. I don’t know for sure where he’s sleeping at night now but I suspect it is his old favorite, the top carrier of the two stacked by the recliner. It’s high, it’s protected, and it seems to be a perfect cat cave!

22 thoughts on “Post 1011: Jeez! Not something else wrong!

  1. We do have our favourite spots to sleep and occasionally just sleep somewhere to freak out our pawents. MOL Take today for example….I went sound asleep on the bed in the spare room. Everyone had to come and look for me and whispers pursued, This is very unusual for me but then again I do like to upset the pawents and get them to wondering about me.


    • Dougy has been sleeping in the tube part of the cat tree by the water fountain and in the top carrier of the two stacked by the recliner. The former is a new spot as far as Dougy is concerned. Of course, I changed where I sleep since I came back from hospitals and care centers, so I have no room to talk!

      • I have found when the cat’s routine gets chased for long periods of time….something in their behaviour changes….not always but usually. When we moved to this house…Kali had been the boss in the old house, then Shoko took over some of the bosses duties here. Kali is still the top banana and has the final “mew.” Kali still eats first…if the two end up at the kibble at the same time. Just little things. Kali gets first choice of treats…things like that.

        • The kitty boys have their occasional tussles to establish dominance or just who gets the new box first, but I noticed what you talk about when I returned after two+ mopnths

  2. Have you tried using the USB cable to connect your camera and PC, to transfer the photos? (I’m sure you have, but just thought I’d mention it.) If it’s your card reader, that should be quick to replace (she said hopefully).

    Courage, mon frère 🙂

    • I’be been looking to see what cables I have with the camera. The one I found that may be the USB cable looks more like what you’d use to hook it to a television. Now that I found (remembered) the webcam, that gives me a chance to experiment a little with the cable I found to see if it will allow me to transfer photos to my PC. (Whew!

  3. Someone who has as many tech glitches as I seem to! I am glad to see the retro photos, though. Your boys are so good looking it’s nice to see any viewof them.

  4. I’m sorry problems continue! My all in one printer/scanner started acting up as well. I think the machines “talk” to each other and go “on strike” at the same time! Woof!

    • By coincidence, mine all in one machine decided not to allow me to store scans on my computer some time back, so I transfer them there using my camera’s memory gizmo. Of course, now that drive doesn’t respond to having the gizmo stuck in it, so….! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  5. I can personally arrest to the swearing. 🙂

    My cats Hillary and Pickles are also male siblings. In many ways Hillary maps to Andy and Pickles to Dougy.

  6. You know how computers are always having updates and installments, while you were gone, I had one that completely disrupted my computer’s Windows picture gallery – now it takes me forever to locate a picture and put it in my WP media gallery.
    You and I were born too late to be computer techs, so we need to adapt I guess and head on over to the Office Depot again to figure it out.
    Adorable pictures nonetheless!!

    • Well, it’s Staples for me, but the same difference! I remember the sense of abandonment I first felt when I had my first computer glitych after i retired and I couldn’t call the company IT wizard to have her help me through the crisis! I learned a lot about computers by having things go wrong after i retired, but I really don’t like it! I think you are right, though. All I can say is I’m glad I got a reasonably good grounding in the technology before I retired so I at least had a sense of how to approach difficulties that crop up,.

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