Post 1184: Dougy repurposes part of a neglected toy…!

People in the USA probably remember the advertisements for the Cat’s Meow toy. Man oh man! Your cat will put on his or her kitty, and eagerly play with this toy! It will change your kitty’s whole outlook on life, and probably…blah, blah, blah. So I bought one. The kitty boys played with it at first, but soon became jaded. The toy, a $19.95 purchase, plus shipping and handling (about $25 or so total) was a bust.

I put it up and occasionally brought it out again. I got the boys to play with it, though they quickly got bored again. “Oh yeah,” they told me through body language, “this stupid toy!” I’ve attached a video proof of this, below.

Then, yesterday, Dougy showed up with the action part of the toy, a thing supposed to simulate a mouse tail, I suppose. He was really into it! I tossed it. He chased it and brought it back to me! This was doggy-like behavior he’s never exhibited before. So I tossed it again. He brought it back to me again! And again! And  again!

I don’t know how he got the toy part since I put it on top of the little rolltop woman’s secrétaire, but there it was, and Dougy was going ape snot over it! 


The video:

And here’s Dougy playing with the toy part when I wiggled it over his head:

As for Andy, he’s still less impressed with this toy or any part of it. He may change his mind when I try it out on him when Dougy isn’t around to hog the play. We’ll see!


34 thoughts on “Post 1184: Dougy repurposes part of a neglected toy…!

  1. hahaha…the same happens here. Everyone was saying how their cat just adored *The Cat’s Meow* so I decided this has got to be the cat’s meow and bought one for them. Kali ran away and hid and it took much coaxing to get her out….several days. Shoko was impressed at first but the thrill wore off quickly. I put it away and pull it out in the middle of winter when they get bored. It’s good for a couple of days and then it goes away again. This toy was all hype and no action.

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    • My two got along with it but another toy I bought for them (that they both never played with…!) was a ball with a furry tail on it. Battery powered, it randomly rolled around on the floor, simulating a plastic ball with a furry tail on it. LOL! They ran from the room and still run away just to see the dang thing!

      You know, it might be interesting to do a blog post on all the wonderful toys and cat things that our cats refused to play with or use. I once bought a really cut cat bed shaped like a fish. The kitties were supposed to go in it and sleep, of course, but they kitty brothers wouldn’t have anything to do with it. I’ve seen the same cat bed in other people’s blogs and videos, and their cats actually used it.

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