Post 1186: Caturday and everything’s cosy…

Not much to report today. It’s Caturday and everything’s cosy!


Dougy’s relaxed on his ottoman…102216-dougy-1

…and Andy is suspicious of me. (He hasn’t had his medicine yet!)102216-sceptical-andy

Put your feet up and relax with your kitties! It’s Caturday!

11 thoughts on “Post 1186: Caturday and everything’s cosy…

  1. Thank you for Liking my political post, an extremely rare occurrence on my site but I;m just fed up with the plague of Clinton. Wish I could hug your kitties, the Persion’s are so beautiful. I had a girlfriend in the early 80’s whom mum had two Persion cats. So sweet. Best wishes.

    • Persian cats are wonderfully soft, and tend to have sweet dispositions. As for the political post, I am an equal opportunity fellow: I’m sick of both major candidates and all the crap put out about both.

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