Post 1193: One of the Top Cat Blogs…

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I usually don’t agree to awards or recognition beyond supportive comments that followers of this blog give me, yet I recently received notice that this blog was in consideration for the top 50 cat blogs list. I checked the blog out and they review and present top x lists of different things.

I enjoyed going through a random selection those lists, felt agreeing to be on a top 50 cat blogs list would be fun, since some of my favorite ones are on the list, and I am happy to be chosen as a Top 50 Cat Blogger by !

That stated, the real stars of this blog are Andy and Dougy, my kitty boys. They remind me from time to time to be humble because, “We are minor international kitty celebrities! You are not.” Can’t argue with that.

Here’s a link to the top cat blogs list. I personally can’t wait to go through the entire list to follow those I haven’t followed yet! 

Top 50 Cat Bloggers

24 thoughts on “Post 1193: One of the Top Cat Blogs…

    • Thanks, John! I know of other blogs not on it that i feel should be, but there are so many cat blogs that I imagine the people compiling the 50 blogs are like me in this respect: of fifty on their list, I am familiar with only my own blog and katzenworld!

    • No money changes hands, and many really great blogs aren’t on it. I am making a blog on cat blogs I especially enjoy. I hope I can complete it this weekend, but time will tell, and I don’t want to leave any out….!

  1. I was surprised to see only one of my favorite cat blogs on this top 50 list ( katzenworld ). I need to compile an “Andy and Dougy’s top x cat blogs” list and post it here. That will take a bit of time to work through. Perhaps I can get it done this weekend. I thought I saw another, but I was mistaken.

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