Post 1194: Caturday and we snuggle down…

It is a very relaxed Caturday. Dougy’s conked out on the ottoman, and Andy stopped by to take over the footrest of the recliner. I get to have part of the recliner only because I’m willing to sit cockeyed on the darn thing. Cats rule, you know!


Andy gives me the eye. He wants me to scootch over!102916 andy looks at me recliner.jpg

Time to clean up, of course.102916 andy tongue.jpg

> lick! lick! lick! <102916 andy grooms useme.jpg

Whew! Now we are very sleepy.102916 useme andy getting sleepy.jpg

Andy conks out. Dougy hasn’t moved a muscle the whole time.102916 useme both sleeping.jpg

My head nods, too. Soon I’ll join the kitty boys in kitty dreamland!102916 me tired too.jpg

This is what Caturday should be all about!

14 thoughts on “Post 1194: Caturday and we snuggle down…

  1. You guys have got the idea! Not so peaceful here today but quiet. Kali started the day by throwing up breakfast. I don’t think she missed much in the livingroom. Then she stared at me cleaning it up. Meanwhile I was making beef stew and beef barley soup. Simmering the stew beef for a long time to get the flavour out. I am rather clumsy in the kitchen lately so I spilled, dropped, missed…until the kitchen and me looked like a construction site. I hope the mess was worth it.


    • I have the misfortune of living in an apartment where people living here before thought the kitchen and dining area should have carpet. What a stupid idea! It is a mess (because I am a sloppy person) and cleaning it will take a professional cleaner. This is a duplex, and the other side of the apartment has appropriate vinyl covering that’s easy to clean up.

        • Yep, and one time I accidentally caught my heel on something sharp. I made a bloody mess on the carpet before I noticed I was bleeding. Don’t think I wasn’t mad as heck at the idiot who put carpet on that floor! It still have blood stains there, though I admit I see them because I had to clean the blood up.

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