Post 1260: “Scritchaholic”…!

Both the kitty boys know all they have to do to get a good “scritching” is stop by. I am a useful “scritcher”!

This morning, it was Dougy’s turn to satisfy his “scritch” needs. My hand was available. 



“You may stop and leave me alone now!”


23 thoughts on “Post 1260: “Scritchaholic”…!

    • I think people get to the point where they think of their pets as our little furry children, yes! I try not to get into the trap of thinking of them that way, but it is an easy trap! Are the Swedish words similar in meaning or do you think of pets differently?

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      • Difficult to answer. I have a feeling that pets are more and more looked upon as family members. This is basically good I think but it also makes me wonder if it’s a sign of loneliness. In Sweden we are not so good at coming together different generations. We travel a lot to Italy and I am impressed by how they go to a restaurant together, grandma, daughter, grandchildren. You rarely see that in Sweden


      • Certainly that can be part of it. I, for example, live alone, but my two kitty boys are good company. I enjoy human company, too, of course, and am able to go out for lunch with friends or get together with friends for other social activities. People who are unable to get out of the house because of health or other reasons, however, may need the company of pets more. I suspect the cultural differences between Italy and your country or mine make that business of whole families doing things together something we are less likely to experience. In the USA, one sees the same family orientation you see in Italians among hispanics families. I think the influence of hispanics on the rest of Americans will be a benefit in the long run, though people like the new president to be think not!

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