Post 1393: the “good enough” kitty boy…

First he was all coy and cutesy, Andy was. But I knew what was on his mind: kitty treats!

“But you haven’t let me give you your medicine yet, Andrew!”  

I made a move toward him, but he moved farther and farther from me till I was in the dining room. I sat down on a chair by the dining room table. Andy, who’d gone under the table, slowly came out on the other side… 

…where he momentarily forgot it was about the medicine, and started his “GIMME MY TREATS!” prance back and forth in front of me! When he came within grasp, I clamped down on his neck and shoulders and snatched him up into the “give the kitty boy his medicine position”…

…which upset Andy enough that he said something very loud and naughty in Catinese! Never mind. I gave Andy his medicine so fast his whiskers braided!

Then he got his treats. He was a “good enough” kitty boy.


20 thoughts on “Post 1393: the “good enough” kitty boy…

    • Yes, they are Greenies. They’ve tried other treats, but this brand still is the one they really like. (I stick the syringe in between his lips far enough to squirt the liquid into his mouth in small spurts.)


    • I know his habits well enough to know where I can catch him easily. If I actively chase him, he knows all the hiding places where I can’t get him, so the first approach always works better.


    • Well, I DO know where the little rascal is most easily caught, and he hasn’t figured out I’ve figured that out! The only time this is problematic is when I have to catch him for an appointment and there is a time element. When I have time to wait and stalk, I catch him more easily!

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