Post 1406: Dougy expects service. Puh-leeze!

IMG_20170528_023106 (1)

Dougy rubs against my leg to remind me I’m his human and that comes with responsibilities. You know, waiting on him and his brother Andy hand and foot!

“That’s it! ‘Scritch’ just there! That’s right! I’ll let you do this till I’m tired of it. Then I’ll ignore you! I’m the cat!”


23 thoughts on “Post 1406: Dougy expects service. Puh-leeze!

    • Yes, it is one of those things you hope they don’t do when you are trying to walk some place! LOL! Dougy does it, too, when I’m sitting on the “throne”, which is a bit awkward, if strangely pleasing when his tail rubs the underside of my legs. Andy prefers to watch me take a shower, though he doesn’t join me.

      • Haha, as is jumping onto something which Benji now has to do in agility training… He gets it that there is a difference but he sometimes has to be reminded. And I have to be careful with my hand motions as he often watches my hands closely to see if there is some direction with treats as the end result.

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