Post 1452: the lion inside…

Just another photo of Andy on the recliner. No idea where this will take me. I’ll be lucky if something happens to make a subject for a post.

Then he looked at me from two places. Can you find the “lion” staring back?

Dougy says, “Whoa! Better treat Andy better from now on!”


In case you didn’t see it, here’s Andy’s “lion”:



18 thoughts on “Post 1452: the lion inside…

    • Dougy is looking a bit more lionish these days, thanks to the complications of getting the kitty boys in for grooming. They should have had a trim in late May, and it will be late September before I was able to get another appointment on a non-dialysis day scheduled. By then, they should be really hairy! Dougy will really look lionish by then!

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    • Dan, Andy’s back and rump make the mane, and there are two eyes, a muzzle looking slightly to your right.

      There is a long, white line below the whole that you have to ignore.

      The lips are the two white lines that form an inverted, smashed down “v”.

      There is a “nose” in between the inverted, smashed “v”.

      A smaller angled white line in between and below the inverted, smashed “v” has to be ignored as well as that longer straight vertical line below the whole “lion”. I hope you see it now!

      The two ignored lines form two thirds of an arrow pointing up to the “lion”‘s “face”.

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