Post 1453: Dougy rejects the feather…

Hey, as the French know, presentation is important! I just didn’t present the temptation properly.

In the meantime, Andy was holding onto his chair in the bathroom.

“Don’t bug me, Doug. Go away. Now! RAWR!” (Well, it is more like “meow”. Andy speaks softly but with authority. He gave me “The Look” – see last photo.) 


22 thoughts on “Post 1453: Dougy rejects the feather…

  1. So true presentation is important. Shok and I usually play with her feather under or between the crack in the bathroom door. If, I present it that way…she rushes over to play. If the feather is presented when I’m out in the open, Shoko looks at me and starts walking away. She looks back as much as to say, “You fool” and she’s gone. I meanwhile feel like a real winner with a feather. hehe



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