Post 1459: a slow start…


Dougy surveys the damage to his ottoman: “Mine!” Yep, he’s proud of his “pawsome” work!


But he is more interested in perching on the recline just now. This is the kitty boy’s favorite place on the recliner. Andy’s off somewhere else, so Dougy has it all to himself, just the way he likes it!


Of course, Doug (the human) has a harder time catching the kitty boys for dematting when they perch here.

25 thoughts on “Post 1459: a slow start…

    • Yep! When Andy and Dougy were wee kittens, they did the same to the seat on my exercise machine, though mostly it was kitty claw marks, not outright destruction. They saved that for my settee and the ottoman.

  1. haha…they got you fooled. They aren’t stupid and know the difference between carpet and scratch pole. Whether they care or not is another story. We have a small carpet and the rest of the floors are wood. That carpet has been picked until it looks sad and unhappy. Cow Kitty did a lot of this. However Kali did her fair share when she was scrathing but Shoko doesn’t seem to bother unless she gets excited and is playing in her tunnel. Then its watch out rug!

  2. Mind the tail ! He tries to explain something and you have to understand. A body cat language. And at last, they can shut their eyes and seem to sleep. ” Me ? I did nothing wrong ! ” – amitiés – france

    • Awww! Too bad because the kitty boys tell me it is a very good place to be for surveying the scene and for a quick getaway when it’s time for unwanted attention! Of course, they also think the seat is a wonderful place. It would be even nicer for you because it’s more Weimaraner-sized!

    • Yes, two two corners. Dougy uses the regular scratching posts, but I think the fact that cat trees typically are covered in carpet means he associates carpets and fabric-covered items as equivalent to scratching posts. I wonder if manufacturers of these things give thought to how cats operate? I’ve failed as a kitty trainer with this one. Andy, on the other hand, uses appropriate scratching posts. Of course, he is named after St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland and apostle. LOL!

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