Post 1461: Sundays are for rest! And play!

Dougy chose the recliner for his snooze…

…while Andy thinks this piece of paper on the floor is perfect for his!


The kitty boys and I played with the old favorite, the  Neko Birbug before they took their snoozes.

It’s been awhile since I brought that toy out because of a peacock feather interest that lasted a long time.

They exhausted themselves on the Birbug, they had such a good time snatching it out of the air and “rawring” it to death.

Yes, they definitely got their kitties on! Nothing like an old favorite set aside then brought out again after the kitty boys forgot they had it.

7 thoughts on “Post 1461: Sundays are for rest! And play!

    • No, they missed their last appointment because of my dialysis schedule being changed from M-W-F to T-T-S. Because I have to schedule them a year in advance (they had back-to-back appointments), I’m not stuck getting them in as best they can. They have a new appointment on September 22 or 23rd (I better look it up!), but one’s in the morning, and the other’s in the afternoon. Discussing it with the groomers, we felt this might work more easily in future if my dialysis schedule changes days again. I hope so! The kitty boys have lots of mats all the time now, something the grooming takes care of. I work at removing them as often as the tolerate it, and brush them as often as they tolerate it, too, to remove the loose hair that forms the starting point for the mats. Pertsians are beautiful when their hair grows out – Dougy is especially pretty and soft now – but – whew! – what a housekeeping and cat maintenance chore they become!

    • Surely they do, but I try to keep them active and happy! I subscribed to your YouTube channel, but the follow button still doesn’t show up on your blogs. It seems to be something related to Asian blogs because I’ve had several follows from India lately and you that I would follow if there were a follow button.

      I’ve manually looked up your blog in past so I can access your blog, but I’ll replace it with the email notification that includes this comment so I can access, too! They are a very pretty cat and dog, and they must be a joy to have in your life! (I’ve always like German shepherds and tabby cats!)

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