Post 1473: Caturday? Didn’t you call yesterday Caturday?

Yes, but maybe it was because Andy was relaxing in the window…

…or Dougy was cooling it in the doorway to the bathroom. You know, so you have to step over him in an “emergency”! 

It just felt like Caturday to me.


Busted! I thought it was Caturday yesterday, then looked at the digital calendar on the front room wall after I posted  yesterday’s (Furday’s) post proclaiming it was today. Oops! 

21 thoughts on “Post 1473: Caturday? Didn’t you call yesterday Caturday?

  1. Every day can be Caturday, Doug! Well, we had hot, dry weather in the high 90s and 100s here this week. A slight reprieve today then back into the 90s for the rest of the week. we won’t see rain until late September or early October.

    • So say the kitties (Snoops and Kommando Kitty)! Also, we’ve been getting your July-August cooler weather and many rains. We had our July-August weather mostly in very dry June.

  2. Tried calling you (several times) on Caturday. No pickup. Got worried but this post tells me you are OK.

    Finally opened snail mail lettter you spent me.. it was as the bottom of a pile of ignored and unopened mail. 😮

    • Yes, and I’m going to try to catch you at home Sunday (today)! I felt a bit worn out after this week’s dialysis sessions and went to bed very early (about 3:30 pm yesterday, I think it was) after napping between noon and 3 PM on the recliner. When I went to bed, I pretty much slept till 2:20 ort so, poor Dougy having tried, I am sure, to wake me up numerous times to get me to “feed the kitties”. You know how cat tummies totally excavate seconds after they are filled….

      Oh, you have those unopened piles of mail, too?! There might be a postcard from me in your pile as well or maybe I put that in the letter. I think I did. Yeah, I did, along with my business cards.

  3. Look slick the boys have this weather figured out and how are you feeling? I am not keeping a blog here although I have a page. I have your blog and a few others good marked on my PC now so I can keep up.

    • I’m doing well, Ruth. I have days or moments, of course – you know how that goes! – but nothing I can’t survive. I keep up with you and Tim on Facebook mostly.

      I’m glad I’m not in that hot weather you guys on the Pacific Northwest coast have been enduring. Hope you AC is working full blast! It has to be a real trial for people used to moderate weather pretty much year around adjusting to weather more typical of the center of the continent where I live.

      We’ve been having lots of rain, more typical of June here, not July-August, our nasty-hot time of year.

      We’ve had some hot day, just the same, and I leave the AC on for the kitty boys. Dougy prefers his water from the pet fountain, but Andy love, loves, loves the water with ice in it that I’ve set out for them on really unpleasant days.

    • Yep! I am allowed to be screwed up occasionally! The worst time was when I posted a Halloween post a month early. LOL!

      My dialysis schedule (Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday) creates a shifted weekend on Sunday-Monday, one other problem for occasional mess ups related to day of the week.

    • That’s pretty much my life for the past few months. If it weren’t for a digital clock in my living room that gives time, temperature, date, and day of the week, who knows what reality I’d be in? Ha! I hope Ye Gods never let the battery wear out before I change it or that the atomic clock feature fails to pick up the signal from Ft. Collins.

    • That and the little walk they make in front of you that means you can move only as fast as the cat takes to figure out he can avoid being stepped on if he gets out of your way! lol!

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