Post 1488: I should be cleaning…!

Day before the eclipse…

…I ask Andy what he plans to do during the eclipse since many of you have asked about Andy and Dougy’s plans.

Andy wants to know what an eclipse is, so I explain. Don’t be frightened, Andy, it’s just legend that a big jaguar eats it!

Just in case, Andy will take precautionary measures!

Dougy’s plans are simple.

In the meantime, I should be cleaning since I invited a friend to come to town, perhaps stay overnight to avoid the traffic. The kitty boys pretty much claim the guest bedroom until I have guests, and they leave a mess!


24 thoughts on “Post 1488: I should be cleaning…!

  1. Love the photos of Andy and Dougy! I wonder what our own kitties might think when it gets dark again for a short time? Or worse yet, the resident skunk who fired off on our porch the other night! I shudder to think… 🙂


  2. I am sure your friend is thankful to have a place to stay and wont mind some kitty fur. I have heard that there is already a lot of traffic in some areas.


    • Oh dear! Sad to admit, that is pretty much a description of mine! I’d planned on washing the cover since it has a spot of hair cover where Dougy likes to sleep, but the washer chose this precise time to break down. I can do small items in the sink since the dryer still works. I haven’t worked out Plan B.

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  3. Hilarious ! I am sure you will protect him from the jaguar if it does turn up. Have the boys left vast quantities of fur in the guest bedroom ? By the way I hope you have a good view of the eclipse after all this excitement.


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