Post 1492: special Columbus edition…NOT!

IMG_20170821_061242 (1)

Dougy’s sleeping on his ottoman. Andy has an unfulfilled urge…!

Don’t do it Andy! Bad kitty!


Andy sees a target so big, so fluffy, so close…. “Grrr! I’m gonna do it!” 


Quicker than a smart phone shutter, Andy bops Dougy on the tail! The chase is on!


(See. I told you this post had nothing to do with Columbus. Please notice how different these kitties look in different light. They are the same color. Andy was in the dark, and Dougy was in the light.)

18 thoughts on “Post 1492: special Columbus edition…NOT!

    • It goes back a long time. Here’s a video I shot of the kitty boys when they were wee farts:

      The kitty boys’ fur looks a bit that way, too, under certain light, though I think of them as black. When I see your blog photos, I swear you could be my kitty boys’ sibling!

    • As big a nuisance as are the mats and lots of shed hair (the worst year yet!) as the longer hair that they share because of missing two grooming appointments because of my dialysis schedule, Andy and Dougy have never looked better! You can really see what a smoke Persian is when you see Dougy. Andy has shorter hair, probably because of his Birman father’s contribution. (I met his auntie and half-sister once, and they looked total different – short hair, a Siamese cat look except for the short muzzles. I presume their father looked similar to the auntie.)

    • Hee! Hee! Thanks! Just moments ago, I had to break up a kitty quarrel where Dougy was biting his brother on the neck. The problem, I think, was Dougy was jealous of Andy for being next to me while he, Dougy, had to settle for the far arm on the recliner. Andy’s still there, but Dougy ran into the guest bedroom to do whatever they do in there (sleep, barf on the carpet, shed hair, sleep on the guest bed leaving tons of hair….)

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