Post 1566: Andy lands on the wrong place…


Andy hopped on the recliner for a relaxing clean up after kitty business in the other room. (Don’t ask: We operate on the “don’t ask-don’t tell” principle here!)


Oops! Andy just noticed he is not alone!


Dougy counts, “One-kitty… two-kitty… three-kitty….” He’ll give Andy till ten-kitty to get the “rawr” out of there! (I’ll have none of that naughty kitty language in this house, buster!)

Uh oh! Andy is counting, too, counting on Dougy forgetting what comes after three-kitty. I mean, Dougy isn’t the brightest log on the fire when it comes to counting the “one-kitty”!


“… four-kitty… five-kitty… six-kitty… seven-kitty… eight-kitty… nine-kitty…!”


Andy realizes he’s under-estimated the level of Dougy’s numeracy. By crap, the kitty boy actually made it up to… “ten-kitty”! 

Faster than a speeding smart phone camera, Andy makes his escape with Dougy chasing from behind!








30 thoughts on “Post 1566: Andy lands on the wrong place…

  1. I wish I could sit on that recliner with them! Mom sold off Dad’s, err MY, recliner! 10-kitty… hmm… Weggieboy, can you ask Andy & Dougy if they think I can adapt that 10-doggie to use on the Basset in my household? Tee hee hee!

    • Poor kitty! The 10-doggie count should would just fine. Let me know how it works out. Dogs have thousands of years of evolution and experience putting out irresistible “puppy eyes” that inevitably work better than even the best “kitten eyes”…

  2. I haven’t a cat more than one in my life, and I can’t imagine how it is… But with your lovely cats I learn.. it is so nice and great fun to watch them. Thank you dear WB, this morning I tried to put in order the rooms, how difficiult to make this with a kitten! Have a nice day great team, Love, nia

    • And I can’t imagine friends with three or more cats at a time! The nice thing is watching how they interact with each other, both as cats and as brothers from the same litter. I’m glad you enjoy them! (I really enjoy your fabulous cat photography, too, and find it very interesting to see your point of view on Turkey as a Turk!)

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